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Dr. Cali Estes- I Married A Junkie- And Here is Our Story Today

Dr. Cali Estes has her own history with addiction involving food.  But dealing with that and studying the whole area of addiction made her much more able to deal with her rock musician...

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Marianne Perez – A Mother Who Never Gave Up

In 2002, Marianne Skolek Perez’s daughter Jill died at the age of 29 after being prescribed OxyContin for back pain. As a nurse employed at a large medical center, Marianne wanted answers. Her...

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Drug Addicted Brothers – Different Paths – One Drug Related Death

An interview with Cannon Bonar, a recovered addict who took one path to sobriety at Narconon Ojai. Unfortunately that is not true for his brother, Adrian.  Adrian was tragically killed in a drug...

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“The Point Of No Return (PONR) podcast is a show that draws rightful attention to the issue of drug use, addiction, and the opioid epidemic that has grown so vast over the years. Episodes offer a wide range of perspectives, from recovered addicts and their families, to law enforcement, industry leaders, doctors, support groups, authors, filmmakers, actors – essentially, humans from all walks of life who have found themselves affected by the grip of addiction….

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