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Joanie Sigal, Host

Our podcast covers many views on drug/alcohol addiction, hope and recovery for individuals, friends, family, parents and associates who have been or may be addicted to opioids, heroin, cocaine, prescription drugs, fentanyl, and want to overcome the addiction. 

There are many interviews with recovered addicts, stories of having gone through numerous failed rehabs; parents and loved ones that describe the horrors and ultimate methods they have sought to save lives and help. 

Issues include the changing world of rehab, from 12 step programs to successful alternative and holistic approaches to detox, withdrawal; and issued surrounding prevention and education for stable life style changes. 

Our guests run the gamut from musicians, actors, sports figures, experts, MD's, family members, law enforcement and clergy to a wide array of addicts who have overcome challenges and are now successful. The podcasts are 'story' oriented and for past year are also captured on video and posted on our YouTube Channel.

The "Point of No Return' is when the individual has come to a realization that they need and want help or face death or failure. It is when the addict decides to change, and what made him/her make that decision. The interviews are no holds barred.

As of July 2022 we have over 530,000 downloads and 270 weekly episodes. We have been recognized as the #1 podcast to listen to in this sector, for three years running. 

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