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Thaddeus Cleveland's service to this country began its course while proudly serving in the United States Air Force. He served on the Terrell County Independent School District School Board for eight years and as the Board President four of those years.  His viewpoint: “Students and our school's educators are at the forefront of our nations foundation. Texas must lead the nation by adapting our approach to doing what is best for the students first and foremost so we as Texans and parents promote the most effective solutions to prepare future leaders of Texas and our nation with what they need to reach their full potential.”  

Currently Thaddeus C. Cleveland is the Sheriff for Terrell County, Texas. He was appointed as Sheriff on May 17, 2022. Prior to his appointment, Sheriff Cleveland spent just over 26 years in the United States Border Patrol and the last 11 years of his career as the Patrol Agent in Charge of the Sanderson Border Patrol Station. Sheriff Cleveland entered on duty with the U.S. Border Patrol on February 26, 1996, as a member of Class 300. His first duty assignment as a Border Patrol agent was at the Nogales Border Patrol Station in the Tucson Sector. Since his entry into the U.S. Border Patrol, Sheriff Cleveland served as a Border Patrol Agent at Sierra Blanca, Texas, a Senior Patrol Agent at Eagle Pass, Texas, a Supervisory Border Patrol Agent at Douglas, Arizona and Artesia, New Mexico. He has also served as a Field Operations Supervisor at Naco, Arizona and Alpine, Texas. 

Sheriff Cleveland served as an Assistant Chief in Washington, D.C. at the Office of Border Patrol as well as Customs and Border Protection’s Commissioner’s Office of Anti-Terrorism and Office of State, Local and Tribal Liaison.



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