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From the ashes of profound loss, a fierce advocate was forged. Loretta Boesing's son narrowly survived an organ transplant after pharmaceutical negligence ravaged his liver. Her loved one's substance abuse tragedy opened her eyes to a broken system. What she uncovered ignited a blazing crusade - the pernicious monopolization of Big Pharma choking off affordable, safe medication access for millions.

Her Unite For Safe Medications movement defiantly challenges the corporate giants jeopardizing lives for profit. Boesing's shrapnel-laced testimony lays siege to corners cutting quality control, sloppy pharma covigilance protocols, and soulless pricing cartels. This mobilized army of activists is marching lockstep with veteran patient safety guerillas like Ed Bisch and Dan Schneider to disrupt regulatory calamity.

A social worker valorized by harrowing front-line battles against addiction's scourge, Boesing wields data like munitions to blast through obfuscation and inertia. Every media broadside - NBC, NPR, USA Today, CNN - detonates thunderous awareness for her righteous insurgency. The forthcoming documentary Harmacy prepares to shock the slumbering masses.

Multi billion-dollar pharmaceutical behemoths beware. Loretta Boesing's Unite is amassing a civilian army bent on torching your citadels of greed until the humanitarian last rites of medication affordability and safety are assured for all. The revolution has begun.


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