Show Notes

Jeannine Coulter's story is one of the most powerful and inspiring journeys of transformation and redemption you'll ever hear. For fifteen long years, Jeannine battled with addiction, leading to multiple arrests, homelessness, and spent her final days of shooting meth and heroin in a literal doghouse before getting sober in January of 2015. Today, Jeannine is a force to be reckoned with and is a successful entrepreneur, a popular TikTok creator, and host of the top rated recovery podcast, "Chasing Heroine." 

Less than three weeks after getting sober, she started teaching at a fitness studio that would transform her life and eventually bought that same studio at four years sober. Business exploded during Jeannine’s ownership (despite the pandemic and associated roadblocks) and she recently sold it for double what she paid for it, sparking her interest in entrepreneurship and creating a community. Jeannine is on a mission to help addicts transform their deepest pain and shame into meaning, purpose, and gratitude. Jeannine's message is clear: addicts in active addiction should never feel left behind. She creates valuable content to help them feel understood, included, and empowered. Her work as a TikTok creator and co-host of a recovery podcast is making a significant impact in the field of addiction and mental health. 

Jeannine’s story has been featured on FOX5 San Diego (where she lives), The Adversity Advantage Podcast and many others.


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