Show Notes

Ryan Phillips grew up with a great childhood and a close-knit family. All he focused on was becoming a successful hockey star which his parents fully supported. Ryan left home at the age of 16 to play professional hockey. This is when things began to change. During this time is when the party lifestyle entered his life.

At the height of Ryan Phillips's fame and game prowess he was arrested for importing a large amount of marijuana into the United States over the Canadian border. Phillips was incarcerated and detained and then, later, upon his release, prohibited from re-entering the US for life by Homeland Security.

In 2012 Ryan was granted access as a humanitarian back to the USA. He started to really focus on doing good in the world and his efforts were reciprocated, to say the least. He found happiness finally after twelve long years. Since becoming sober, he filmed a documentary called Return to Happiness that documents the adversities in life that he overcame with positive energy, and it was the love of his daughter that was a major inspiration for the film. Ryan does struggle with the effects due to concussions, but he doesn't let that stop him from being a positive light in the world.

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