Show Notes

Prepare to be captivated by Annie Grace's extraordinary journey, a story that defies conventional norms and leads to the ultimate victory for her and for others.

At just 26 years old, Annie became the youngest Vice President in the history of a multinational company. But as her professional success soared, her drinking career took off with equal intensity. By the time she reached 35, Annie held a powerful global C-level marketing role, overseeing a staggering 28 countries. Yet, beneath the polished surface, a hidden battle raged.

Night after night, Annie found solace in consuming nearly two bottles of wine, a ritual that brought temporary relief but took an ever-increasing toll. The price of her achievements became evident, and she no longer wanted to pay it. She made a courageous and life changing decision: alcohol would no longer control her destiny.

Annie embarked on a remarkable journey of personal transformation. She completely revamped her relationship with alcohol, stripping it of its power and challenging her beliefs about its allure as a reward. Today, she stands as a guiding light, helping countless individuals around the globe follow in her footsteps.

Annie’s approach transcends the limitations of traditional rehab methods. She has forged an entirely new way of perceiving the role of alcohol in our lives, creating a safe haven for those who question their drinking patterns without having to self-diagnose as alcoholics trapped in denial of an incurable disease. Through compassion and empathy, Annie understands that these emotions wield unparalleled strength over shame and blame, paving the way for lasting change.

Annie offers a proven alternative to the prevailing notion of "success" in overcoming this addiction. Rejecting the belief that anything less than 100% abstinence equals failure, she guides individuals not on how to be sober, but on how to extinguish the desire to drink altogether. Her approach revolutionizes the landscape, providing a fresh perspective and transforming lives. 


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