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"I’m a native Floridian, born and raised in Sarasota. I had a very normal Floridian childhood, swimming and fishing in local ponds and lakes. Nothing extraordinary. I graduated Sarasota High School in 1982 and joined the United States Army. I served for six years so I could use the GI Bill to help pay for my college education. 

After the Army I endured the long process of obtaining a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and immediately went to work for a German company as a Drives and Controls Engineer. I worked for them for 23 years designing microprocessors and control systems for large scale automated custom manufacturing machinery. I also designed facility wide power distribution for entire manufacturing plants. For 23 years I traveled extensively worldwide supporting the installation and custom programming of the machinery we designed and built.

At the age of 47 years, this organization was purchased by a competitor and the engineering and manufacturing was relocated to Mexico. I chose not to move to Mexico, so I retired. 

It was at this point I developed a severe addiction to alcohol. I spent years battling this addiction. I would do well for a year or two, and then spiral out of control and wind up hospitalized. I continued this roller coaster cycle for ten years until finally one day, in the hospital, a friend told me about the Narconon program. 

At first, I wasn’t interested because I related the name Narconon to narcotics (drugs) and I was never a drug user. After I spoke to the Executive Director at Narconon I was convinced this program could help. It was probably the best decision I ever made because now not only am I sober, but I also have a meaningful purpose in life. I became the Director of Intake and Registration at Narconon Suncoast where I have the opportunity every day to change someone’s life just as mine was changed".




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