Show Notes

Ray entered Restoration Ministries when it became very clear to him that God called him to be here. After graduating from Harvey House in 1989, he worked an outside job while continuing to live at Harvey House. He eventually became the Harvey House Director. In 1997, when the executive director left for another position, Ray was entrusted as Acting Director for months until the board realized he was the best man for the job. He was named Executive Director of Restoration Ministries in 1998. Since then, Ray has helped over 200 men and women successfully complete their recovery programs.

In 1991, Ray started a youth group for teenagers in Harvey and surrounding suburbs, and he became a youth pastor at Spirit of God Fellowship in South Holland. He was also instrumental in starting Restoration Ministries’ youth outreach programs. Ray is an elected member of Thornton Township District 205 School Board, representing the many families who entrust in him their children’s education.

In May of 2020, Ray suffered a stroke. When his family asked for prayers on social media, more than a thousand replied that they were praying for him. People who Ray had cared for, mentored, and inspired over the years—plus their families, their children, and friends—all prayed for Ray’s recovery. Ray is back spending three days a week in his office, counseling Harvey House residents.