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Prepare to be captivated by the electrifying presence of Phillip A. Barbb, a 2x Emmy®-nominated TV Producer, whose journey transcends far beyond the ordinary. As a dynamic performance coach, speaker, and author, he dives headfirst into the realm of emotional intelligence and unyielding leadership, igniting the flames of transformation in executives, entrepreneurs, and creatives alike.

And more importantly, now 13 years sober from drugs and alcohol.

But that's not all; buckle up for an intense roller coaster ride as we unravel the enigmatic layers of Phillip's world. With a dash of humor and a dose of motivation, he penned the awe-inspiring "All the Reasons I Hate My 28-Year-Old Boss," a business/personal development book that will leave you both laughing and empowered.

As a keynote speaker, Phillip possesses the rare gift of connecting with diverse audiences, from high school & college students to personal development workshops to corporate leaders. Brace yourself as he educates, encourages, and empowers on a myriad of riveting topics, including Leadership Development, Workplace Ageism, Character Building, Peer Pressure, Social Media Influence, and Substance Abuse.

But his passion doesn't stop at the podium. In his spare time, he channels his energy into volunteering with inmates in the Los Angeles County Jail System, extending a lifeline to those grappling with the claws of substance abuse.

So, get ready to be swept away by Phillip A. Barbb, a true force in the world of dynamic leadership, personal growth, and unwavering compassion. Tune in and let his words ignite the spark of transformation within you.

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