Show Notes

Judy L. Mandel is a former reporter and marketing executive. After the death of her parents, she knew that it was time to write the story of her family; their emotional and physical survival of a devastating plane crash that killed her older sister and left the remaining sister critically burned. 

Her first book, New York Times Bestseller Replacement Child – a memoir, is that story. 

Her second book, White Flag, was published in October, 2022. White Flag is related to her first book, exploring the tentacles of trans-generational trauma stemming from the family tragedy—the plane crash in 1952. Within the context of her family history, Judy delved into the nature of addiction, epigenetics, trauma and brain chemistry to seek answers to the questions every loved one of someone with substance abuse disease asks: What happened, why her, what could I have done to save her? Judy holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Stony Brook University.

Judy Mandel's investigational memoir takes the reader along on her journey, to not only help her niece, Cheryl, who struggles with Substance Use Disorder, but to understand how the underlying events in Cheryl's life, as well as those of her entire family, may have put Cheryl on a path that no one could have predicted.

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