Show Notes

Prepare for an intense and deeply inspiring journey as we delve into the life of Michael Fiore, the Outreach Coordinator for Voices for Awareness and Project Facing Fentanyl. Michael's story is one of addiction, loss, and ultimately, redemption. Join us as we explore his remarkable path from a tumultuous upbringing in Brooklyn, N.Y.C., to becoming a beacon of hope for addicts in recovery nationwide.

Addiction was a constant presence in Michael's life. With both parents struggling with addiction and losing loved ones to the grips of alcoholism and heroin, he found solace in drugs as a means of escape and validation. Two decades of drug use led to a cycle of incarceration and institutions, until a pivotal moment sparked his journey towards recovery.

In the midst of personal tragedy, losing his father to AIDS and witnessing his mother's passing shortly after detoxing from Methadone, Michael made the courageous decision to turn his life around. He emerged from treatment with a newfound purpose, founding the nonprofit organization Inspire 2 Inspire, dedicated to supporting the recovery community and providing resources to addicts across the nation.

With a unique perspective borne out of twenty years of active addiction, Michael shares his "life education" and advocates for the power of personal stories. His high-energy inspirational talks have become renowned in the recovery and fentanyl prevention communities, propelling his advocacy portfolio forward. As the Community Outreach Coordinator for Voices for Awareness and Project Facing Fentanyl, Michael unites families affected by fentanyl poisoning with those in recovery, creating a powerful force known as the "1 Voice Project."

Through his work, Michael has gained valuable experience collaborating with churches, nonprofits, and various marginalized communities, including the homeless, human trafficking victims, and survivors of domestic violence. His role as a Group Facilitator has further deepened his understanding of the challenges faced by those seeking recovery.

Join us on this riveting podcast as we witness the incredible transformation of Michael Fiore and learn the importance of overcoming adversity, embracing one's story, and inspiring others to find their own path to recovery. Get ready to be motivated, uplifted, and empowered to conquer your own obstacles, for it is through the strength of the human spirit that true transformation takes place.


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