Show Notes

Leeann Blaskowsky is a board-certified neonatal nurse practitioner. 

In her words:  "Since 2009 I have been living and working in Colorado, and I am faced, almost daily, with counseling families about marijuana use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. My nursing education began with an Associates degree waaay back in 1984, continuing to a Bachelors and Masters in Nursing more than twenty-five years later, finally finishing with a Doctorate of Nursing Practice in 2020. With more than 40 years in healthcare beginning as a bedside nurse in the ICU/CCU, Emergency Department and Neonatal ICU settings, I have had the opportunity to interact with patients and families with varying opinions and practices regarding the use of marijuana. These interactions have expanded in scope and increased in number as medical marijuana and legalized recreational use arrived in Colorado. 

I have also cared for many patients struggling with addiction to various substances including mothers and newborns. Optimizing outcomes for our patients has, and always will, remain my driving force in practice when a clear need to continue educating providers and families in our communities arises. And now I have a personal stake."

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