Show Notes

Jeffrey B. Simon is a commentator and founding partner of SIMON GREENSTONE PANATIER, PC. Ranked as one of the Top 10 Personal Injury Attorney's within America and Co-chair of the National Opioid Litigation Conference, Mr. Simon brings together medical, legal, and law experts to reduce the social and economic harms of the opioid pandemic.

Jeffrey currently serves as Chair of the Texas Opioid MDL Plaintiffs Steering Committee, a group that seeks to hold drug manufacturers and other supply chain corporations responsible for their role in creating and prolonging the opioid epidemic in Texas.

In 2017, he filed the state's first opioid-related lawsuit against drug manufacturers and supply chain corporations on behalf of a governmental body. He was one of the lead attorneys for Dallas County within the state's first opioid trial. 

Jeffrey is a frequent speaker on the scope of the opioid epidemic. For the past three years Jeffrey has served as co-chair of the national Opioid Litigation Conference, bringing together medical, legal, and law enforcement experts to discuss how to reduce the social and economic harms of opioid overuse.