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In this episode we explore the extraordinary life of Jackie Gouché, a renowned singer who has worked with music legends like Elton John, Michael Jackson, and Tina Turner. Beyond her success, Jackie's story is one of struggle, addiction, and ultimate redemption. Join us as we delve into her path from darkness to light and her role as a guiding force for her Grammy-nominated children.

A Voice That Shook the World

Jackie Gouché's exceptional talent as a vocalist has taken her to incredible heights. Collaborating with icons like Diana Ross, Chaka Khan, and Quincy Jones, her journey in the music industry has been extraordinary.

Battling Demons in the Shadows

Behind the glamour, Jackie fought a private battle with cocaine addiction, struggling to be the mother she aspired to be for her children. Her road to recovery was filled with hardships.

A Testament to the Power of Healing

Jackie's autobiography, "How Would I Know?" and "True Worshippers," chronicle her journey of overcoming addiction and finding solace in her faith. Her story stands as a testament to the transformative power of healing.

Nurturing Grammy-Nominated Talents

Jackie shares her experience raising three sons—Daniel Farris (D Smoke), Sir Darryl Farris (Inglewood Sir), and Davion Farris—who have achieved Grammy nominations in the music industry.

A Legacy of Light

Jackie Gouché's journey embodies triumph, resilience, and unwavering love. Her life is a testament to the power of faith, self-discovery, and the belief in one's own potential.

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