Show Notes

Meet Flindt Andersen, a true warrior in the war against the relentless grip of the Opioid and Fentanyl crisis. From the tender age of 13, Flindt's journey through addiction led him down a harrowing 23-year battle with Opioids, consuming a staggering 70-80 Vicodin pills daily.

Emerging from the abyss of addiction, Flindt's life became a testament to the sheer strength of the human spirit. In 2009, he founded PAIN | Parents & Addicts in Need, a remarkable nonprofit providing rehabilitation services and unwavering family support, recognized as the 2021 California Nonprofit of the Year.

Flindt's mission extends beyond recovery. As a certified distributor of Narcan, he fights to save lives, and as an advocate for groundbreaking legislation, he strikes fear into the heart of drug traffickers and suppliers.

Fueling his unyielding drive, Flindt launched the trailblazing podcast, "Don't Hide The Scars," captivating listeners with in-depth episodes on addiction, drug culture, and their devastating effects.

His groundbreaking vision culminated in the awe-inspiring documentary film series, "Don't Hide The Scars Project," unveiling the raw truth of addiction and the triumphant human spirit.

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