Show Notes

The only child of revolutionary activists and educators; a doting Ethiopian father and a strong-willed African American mother, Fawna Asfaw felt her life shatter when she lost both her parents prematurely to illness. As grief pulled her into a downward spiral of addiction and shame, Fawna had to learn to harness her power and rebuild her life with a new perspective that changed everything.

Fawna spent her newly fought for sobriety studying addiction while writing a powerful and emotional memoir, Sober Daughter. A riveting book in which she recounts feeling paralyzed by the monumental task of advocating for her parents’ medical needs and eventual hospice care. After their heartbreaking premature deaths, she buckled under the realization that she had no idea how to live without them. Unable to process her loss and overcome by grief, she collapsed into alcohol-induced psychosis and despair—until a catastrophic seizure landed her in a remote treatment center without a penny left to her name. That’s when the backbreaking work of her personal redemption began.

She sacrificed everything she owned, to build an entirely new, sober life on her own her terms. This meant doing the back breaking work of auditing what worked, what didn't and also taking courageous evaluations within herself to determine how she could show up in life as her highest self. Fawna attended the most prestigious dual diagnosis treatment center in the United States and studied with world renowned doctors, therapists, clinicians, mentors and leaders to be able to get well and in the process, put together her teachings in a meaningful and motivating way to help others achieve what she thought was only a dream.

Since attending treatment on her own, Fawna has now become a powerhouse in the recovery industry. She currently oversees a private and prestigious young women’s transitional sober living in Los Angeles, CA. She mentors young women in sobriety, works one on one with clients and offers group workshops, organizes sponsored sober events, programs, and meetings. Fawna has organized interventions, family support groups, interfaces with top clinical program directors in Los Angeles and is deeply embedded in the elite Los Angeles Recovery Society. Fawna is also a highly sought-after speaker and thought leader on recovery, sobriety and wellness. Fawna has founded her own inclusive and diverse company:  The Good Wrk for all people who want to elevate their recovery through her unique and specialized Recovery Coaching service, sobriety courses and much more.

With millions and millions of people struggling with sobriety and addiction every day, the world is looking for a fresh, new take on an often too old and too exclusive, boring space. Fawna’s unique background and perspective is what makes her at home in Beverly Hills or Skid Row - which is why she is turning recovery on it’s head with her vibrant energy, extensive knowledge and reliability to all those who struggle around the globe.