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Ed Bisch's son died of an overdose of Oxycontin.  Ed didn't sit by.  He started researching Oxycontin and its manufacturer - Purdue Pharma; AND the family behind it - The Sacklers.  He has been fighting this battle for years and doesn't see giving up until both the company and the family are made to take responsibility for the countless deaths due to oxycontin addiction and overdose. In December 2020, Ed appeared in the MSNBC special - The Forgotten Epidemic. 

 Recently, Ed has been working to raise awareness and calling for the DOJ to prosecute the Sacklers after his 18-year-old son, Eddie, died of an OxyContin-related overdose in 2001. He founded Relatives Against Purdue Pharma.

Judge Robert D. Drain 

Drain retired 7 years early and took a job at a law firm that was Purdue’s General Counsel in a multi Billion dollar case he was hand picked for? How is this NOT illegal? 

Petition started called the Drain Curtain law to make it illegal to go to work for a vested interest in prior legal actions the judge presided over. Sign the petition here: 

Message the Attorney General; the Deputy Attorney General; and the Associate Attorney General.  Email the DOJ here:  

If you want to read Mike Quinn’s filing with the Supreme Court, go here: 

Gracie Parker - 9 years old - her book - Shattered: Stories of Lives Broken by Substance Abuse and How We Put the Pieces Back Together

Her website:

Rick Mountcastle served as a federal prosecutor for more than 32 years, first at the Department of Justice and later at the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Virginia. As a senior trial attorney in DOJ’s Criminal Tax Enforcement Section, he prosecuted criminal tax cases throughout the United States.  He was the lead prosecutor on several high-profile health care fraud cases, including the first Purdue Pharma prosecution (featured in the Hulu series “Dopesick").  Rick previously served four years as an active duty Army JAG officer and 24 years as a National Guard and Army Reserve JAG officer. Rick is dedicated to the issue of justice for victims of oxycontin and as such speaks out on the subject and assists activists like Ed Bisch in this mission.



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