Show Notes

Dr. Tracy Strawberry is an international speaker, published author, CEO,  and wife of baseball legend Darryl Strawberry. 

After many years of battling addiction, alcoholism and other life controlling issues, Tracy surrendered her life to Jesus Christ and experienced a radical life transformation through the power of God and the process of change.

By sharing her testimony openly, with biblical solutions and practical application, Tracy is a highly sought after international speaker with requests to deliver her powerful messages of how to experience lasting change, re-inventing yourself, experiencing God in the most difficult of times, overcoming your past, and becoming the very best "you" that God created you to be, and much, much more!

Tracy now holds a Doctorate Degree in Theology, with a focused study in Cultural Restoration and Leadership. She holds her Masters Degree in Business Administration and Management, with a Bachelors in Ministry Leadership. 

Dr. Strawberry is the Author of several publications including, Clean Sober & Saved, a Christ-Centered Recovery Curriculum that is established globally. In her weekly programs and traveling ministry, she teaches biblical truth with practical application to deliver a message of faith, redeeming hope, restoration and freedom in Jesus Christ. Tracy believes that those who are lost will be found and those who are bound will be free!

Check out her most recent book, The Courage to Heal.

Alongside her biblical teaching and preaching platform, she is an international business consultant with a specialty in assisting Pastors, Governments, and other Leaders with infrastructure and organizational development, strategic planning, and the creation of innovative solutions needed to reach culturally diverse demographics and territories.

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