Show Notes

Introducing a captivating episode of our groundbreaking podcast series, "Breaking the Chains: Unveiling the Dark Side of Drugs." In this riveting installment, we delve into the gripping documentary, "Dead on Arrival," taking you on an emotional roller coaster through the heart-wrenching realities of addiction.

Prepare to be spellbound as we lift the veil on Dominic's harrowing journey as a film maker, laid bare in "Dead on Arrival." This thought-provoking documentary exposes the raw, unfiltered truth of drug addiction, serving as a wake-up call to the world.

Step into Dominic's shoes as we follow his witnessing the depths of addiction, seeing the tragic consequences unfold before our eyes. Through the lens of this powerful film, we explore the multifaceted dangers that plague individuals, families, and communities caught in the grip of substance abuse and fentanyl.

"Dead on Arrival" isn't just a documentary; it's a haunting portrayal of the stark realities faced by countless individuals battling addiction. With unflinching honesty, we witness the physical and psychological toll of drug abuse, the shattered dreams, and the indomitable spirit that fights against the odds for a chance at redemption.

But this episode doesn't stop at mere observation. We delve deeper into the making of "Dead on Arrival," featuring exclusive interviews with the visionary minds behind the documentary. 

Through the lens of "Dead on Arrival," we explore the wider implications of drug addiction on society. We confront the harsh realities of the opioid crisis, shed light on the systemic failures that perpetuate addiction, and discuss the urgent need for reform and compassion in our approach to this epidemic.

This podcast episode is not for the faint of heart, but it is for those seeking a profound understanding of the dangers of drugs. Prepare to be moved, to be enlightened, and to be inspired to take action.

Tune in to this powerful episode of "Breaking the Chains: Unveiling the Dark Side of Drugs" as we unravel the layers of "Dead on Arrival." Let Dominic's story ignite a fire within you to challenge the status quo, to break the cycle of addiction, and to strive for a society where no one is left behind.

Dominic Tierno has told stories through video since he was a child. As he grew into his teenage years, with the rise of social media, he realized he could use video to make an impact. Dominic won his first film festival award at the age of 16 for a motivational film called There Are No Limits (2013). Since then, Dominic has written, shot, directed, and edited 3 documentary films. His most recent is the internationally known Dead On Arrival (2021) which educates youth and parents about fentanyl. Dead On Arrival is currently being shown to millions of people in all 50 states, as well as in multiple Latin American countries.

Dominic aims to bring light to darkness through raw and bold storytelling. His messaging has consistently been successful in effecting heart change in those who encounter it. Dominic’s desire is to use his God-given creative gifts to help set people free, save lives and change the world.

Since 2018, Dominic has owned his own business serving clients in a variety of industries with multimedia content. Dominic has created countless videos used for online marketing, entertainment, and educational purposes, amassing hundreds of millions of views around the globe. He has also served as a creative consultant to individuals and organizations on a mission to find their identities and tell their stories.

After over a decade of experience in various creative fields, Dominic has yet to lose his passion for telling powerful stories through video. His tenacity for excellence in multiple mediums has made him a versatile creative problem-solver. His commitment to glorify God in His work has enabled him to do more than he could have imagined as a young boy with a camera.


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