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Meet Alex, a once-promising athlete and pre-med student whose life took a harrowing detour into the shadows of addiction. Picture a top-tier graduate with a college scholarship, a national team qualifier in cross country and track, and ambitions in biomedical engineering. Now, fast forward to a campus dorm room bust with a staggering 52 hits of LSD—an ominous turning point that shattered dreams and triggered a slow descent into darkness.

As if plucked from a gripping screenplay, Alex's narrative unfolds with a stint as a male entertainer, appearances in movies alongside Lee Burns, semi-pro paintball endeavors, and a dalliance with stage and close-up magic. Yet, the spotlight fades, making way for the corrosive influence of cocaine. A flirtation with crack cocaine results in the loss of everything, including a marriage, leading Alex down a treacherous path marked by three prison trips and a litany of jail stints. Prison gangs, street life, and a year of homelessness follow, surviving on discarded food from dumpsters—a life only transformed by an unexpected act of kindness from a woman whose son they later assist on the road to recovery.

Enter the methamphetamine phase, a desperate attempt to escape the clutches of cocaine. Amid the chaos, a chance meeting with a future wife and confidante brings a glimmer of hope. The couple marries in the midst of addiction, enduring a brief period of sobriety before hitting rock bottom. Persistent nudges from a higher power finally break through, rescuing them from the throes of addiction.

Fast forward to Angela, a successful saleswoman for Holiday Inn Club Vacations, and Alex, now co-owner of two companies. Together, they run a modest ministry, reaching out to drug addicts through referrals or proactive searches, guiding them into Christian-based recovery programs. Their outreach extends to women's prisons on Christmas and Mother's Day, where gifts are distributed, and souls are ministered to—until the disruptive pause imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Their story encapsulates the entire spectrum of drug addiction—how they got there, the perplexing reasons they stayed, and the awe-inspiring journey of reclaiming their lives. Alex and Angela are open books, ready to share any facet of their tumultuous lives if it means helping even one person make the pivotal choice to change their path. Tune in to explore the depths of their experiences and the redemptive power that emerged from the shadows of addiction.




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