Christopher Dale is an experienced public relations professional, writer and recovering addict. In addition to being a regular contributor to Addiction Recovery eBulletin, he has been published in a broad array of prominent outlets, including The Daily Beast, Salon,, Dogster, New York Daily News and Tribune Syndicate. He writes on a wide range of topics, including addiction, mental health, politics, parenting, travel and rescue dog advocacy. This interview centers on Chris and his beautiful wife – Patty Li – and not only his struggles with addiction, but her loyalty in standing by him through his recovery. PART OF THE GOOD NEWS PODCAST NETWORK. AUDIO VERSIONS OF ALL OUR EPISODES: CONTACT US: The Addiction Podcast - Point of No Return 727-314-7080 #drugaddictionpodcast #alcoholaddiction #alternativetreatment #hopeforaddiction #helpforaddiction #newmaninterventions