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“The Point Of No Return (PONR) podcast is a show that draws rightful attention to the issue of drug use, addiction, and the opioid epidemic that has grown so vast over the years. Episodes offer a wide range of perspectives, from recovered addicts and their families, to law enforcement, industry leaders, doctors, support groups, authors, filmmakers, actors – essentially, humans from all walks of life who have found themselves affected by the grip of addiction.

In the US, a person is more likely to die from an Opioid overdose than in a car accident.

Quotes like the above can prove shocking to many, and these appear amidst stories and discussions that lean right into the intense and difficult – getting straight into the gritty, the struggle, never dressing things up or avoiding the core essentials of the topic.

Nothing is held back, the hosts of the show welcome their guests with understanding and offer them the time in which to really detail their journey. In the same instance, their questions dig deep into addiction, with the intention of uncovering precisely what it is that draws people towards drug use in the first place, and why they struggle to walk away from it.

A recent episode welcomed the one and only Wes Geer of Korn, now ten years sober, to talk about his past – his descent into drug use, his struggles, and his ultimate climb to recovery. As a music fan, the interview is refreshingly real and interesting in itself. The insight into the opoid crisis and what it truly does to the lives of those it impacts is also incredibly eye-opening and immensely important for people to understand.

In terms of inspiring those stuck in the shadows of addiction, there’s a genuine thread of hope and possibility to the conversation – the hosts help guide this, directing things in a manner that keeps both realness and optimism within reach.

Wes is a pleasure to listen to, his stories as a rock star were so heavily connected to his drug use that you can’t help but realise how difficult it must be to step away from intoxication; or to even make the decision to try.

The Addiction Podcast has been running for over two years and is 115 episodes deep – a fact that showcases in itself just how vast the epidemic really is. Another recent episode welcomed Brandon Jordan of Kill Radio to talk about his journey, a unique tale again, a different individual, a different type of person, yet still connecting music and success to drug use. The great thing about these episodes is that the people who feature within them are indeed so very different to one another – addiction can get to anyone, from any walk of life, and the more we come to terms with that, the better equipped we are as a society to help with and overcome this epidemic. Point Of No Return is making huge steps towards that by laying everything out on the table, and reminding those suffering that they are far from alone.

Whether you’re currently affected by these issues or not, this is one of the most revealing and interesting podcasts around right now. The honesty, the openness, and the variety of guests already under its belt, all helps make it absolutely worth letting run as you go about your day.

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“I would like to thank you both from the bottom of my heart for inviting me to be on your podcast (Addiction – The Point of No Return). The process was easy peazy. You both made me feel extremely comfortable. I felt like I was in your present company vs. the digital world. The kindness, respect, compassion and empathy for both my journey in recovery and the loss of my son to addiction while in recovery is forever etched in my heart. As you both know my grandmother was transitioning. The night she passed away the Podcast was dropped. Our angels are amazing. Our connection was divine intervention. The timing was perfect. I am truly grateful. If there is anything I can do for either of you, please do not hesitate to let me know. Thanks again for creating a vehicle for myself and other’s to raise awareness that we do recover and for us to be a voice for our senselessly lost loved ones. If I saved one persons life, helped a grieving loved one or provided a new perspective for an afflicted individual, it was very much worth my time. Happy Holidays! Warm wishes, ” – Ellen I. – Dec 10, 2020

“Addiction is a serious issue in this country.  When I was growing up, we had the DARE program that taught kids how to handle situations dealing with alcohol and drugs.  In addition to the DARE program there we also had after school specials and Saturday morning tv shows that dealt with drugs and alcohol and what you should do if you or your friends had a problem.  So even if parents didn’t quite know how to initiate the conversation with their children these things gave them an “in”.  This podcast reminds me of the things that I grew up with.  Hearing the stories first-hand really puts things in perspective.  This podcast isn’t like the ones you’re used to.  The ones that are full of fluff, condescending and stuffy.  Although drug addiction is a serious matter, the show is (for lack of a better term) interesting and engaging.  These are real people sharing their real-life experiences.  I plan on sharing this podcast with the group of young adults that I mentor.  Thank you for your time and effort.” – By Stacie – Jul 1, 2019

“Listening to this Podcast will give you hope in your own story – we all know someone that is suffering with the horrible disease of addiction – nobody wants to be addicted to drugs and alcohol same as nobody wants to have cancer or a mental illness!! We all have a story how we got to where we are in life – we all have the ability to re- write our story, take a stand and turn our past into our SuperPower , but we can not do it alone. Far to many lives are being lost, families destroyed with very little hope!! I know this because my 21 year old son died of a heroine drug overdose 5 years ago – Erin Miller

“This is my favorite podcast. It’s so educational for people who are willing to learn about addiction & have an open mind to realize we’re all just humans trying to make it through life, we all make mistakes and some worse than others but that doesn’t make us monsters because we sin differently than you. I highly recommend it. Really resonates with me a lot as a family member and friend and mother of someone’s child who are all addicts. It doesn’t just affect the addict, it affects everyone who loves them! This podcast is amazing, along with Jason & Joanie!” – RN

“This podcast is so informative. I love hearing all of the success stories and being able to relate to what these people have went thru. Keep up the great work guys.” – DJ
“Great podcast hosts with great guests. Tons of new perspectives and inspiring stories” – NW
“I have friends and family that are struggling with addiction. This podcast has some amazing stories about former addicts who are now living drug-free lives. Gives me hope!” – TJ