Show Notes

One current and growing approach and mentality and methodology for treating drug addiction is to substitute a "less dangerous" drug. Examples may be suboxone, methadone, Vivatrol and others, which are intended to help the addict taper down from opioids, etc. This is a controversial subject. Some will say it's "proven", others will say it's worse. Buprenorphine-based products are sometimes pushed as the first opioid treatment. That is understandable if one is heavily addicted, but it doesn't always need to be that way. They are easily abused, or just used when there are apparently no other solutions. 

We support just about any approach taken to end addiction. But what does that mean? Abstinence? Drug Free life? Unlike some other views, we believe and have seen that this can be achieved, and in the majority of cases without substituting one drug for another. The 'new drug' is very often harder to withdraw from, and was meant to be very very short term.

There are underlying causes to drug addiction. If those are not addressed and handled, then sobriety is difficult.

We have learned from many 'on the front lines' that there are some tough truths about getting rid of a drug addiction.

This is an audio only episode.