Show Notes

Mary Sue is a film editor, filmmaker and video journalist. She specializes in Avid editing, and also shoots and produces her own independent films. Mary Sue has worked on feature documentaries as well as TV segments, news clips, ads, promos and online content. Mary Sue divides her time between Brooklyn, New York and Ireland.  Mary Sue Connolly is an Irish filmmaker and former Editor/Producer for CNN and CBS.

Overdosed is a documentary directed and created by Mary Sue.  This film highlights the troubling turmoil of the deadly American opioid crisis as it unfolds in the small town of Petersburg in rural West Virginia, the state hardest hit by this epidemic. Through interviews with former drug dealers, over-prescribing doctors, DEA agents and local community members, Mary Sue Connolly uncovers a shocking narrative of the pharmaceutical industry’s intentional plan to target opioid sales to an impoverished, under-served community and the resulting addiction, prison and overdose cycles of its citizens.

Overdosed follows the perspectives of various members of the community, with a focus on a former drug dealer named Bre McUlty (who also serves as producer on this project).

Having grown up in a home torn apart by drugs and forced to survive by any means necessary, her story offers one of hope.

She transformed her life after serving five years in federal prison, much of it in solitary confinement. Bre weaves the narrative as she tours the decimated region, blending her personal story of addiction and destitution with that of the rest of the town’s victims.

Overdosed focuses further on giant pharmaceutical companies and their responsibility for the over-distribution of legal addictive opioids and the consequences that have led to the escalation of both a legal and illegal drug epidemic.

The film also features Kevin Bowman Kevin Bowman has a history of addiction and being in and out of prison and literally had a spiritual revolution and made a vow to himself to change his life and he did. He is now working and living in Huntington, married with a son and a daughter about to arrive any day.