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Michael Gray has stared into the abyss - and it stared back with the hollow, lifeless gaze of the fentanyl scourge. As CEO of Actus Analytical, this warrior arms first responders with innovative chemical detection tech for the front lines of the synthetic opioid apocalypse.

But Gray doesn't just help identify the insidious fentanyl menace, he is mustering a civilian army to slay it. He co-Founded the Fentanyl Awareness Coalition which relentlessly sounds the alarm about these lethal narco-nightmares flooding our communities. 

Michael's searing story on our podcast rips away the myth that only hardened addicts fall victim to illicit chemistry's perfect killing machines. Casual experimentation has become Russian roulette in pill and powder form.

His voice carries the anguished echoes of parents entombing children, educators traumatized by classroom casualties, first responders gratuitously executing Narcan revivals between PTSD counseling sessions. The fentanyl phantom's psychological wreckage may ultimately outpace its body count.

Michael Gray will never stop slaying our society's demons until public safety surrenders to the light of compassionate scientific solutions.

Michael Gray is the CEO of Actus Analytical, Inc., which develops spectroscopy solutions for public safety compliance, illicit drug detection, agricultural productivity, and other applications. Michael and his wife Nancy founded The Actus Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, in 2018. The Actus Foundation advocates for solutions to treating the entirety of the overdose epidemic problem in America, including the largely forgotten constituency of intermittent users. 

Mr. Gray offers his 35 years of professional expertise in the world of scientific instrumentation as another element of his work on behalf of the victims of overdose. Michael adds his professional expertise to that debate. With experience in the areas of Infrared Spectroscopy and Mass Spectrometry, Michael is participating in the development and deployment of portable testing for narcotics, at the field level, as a means of confirming suspected illegal substances and protecting First Responders.



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