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Michael R. DeLeon's life story and ongoing mission are nothing short of remarkable. After nearly succumbing to a dangerous cycle of drug addiction and gang involvement that led to over a decade behind bars for a gang-related homicide, Michael has emerged as a powerful voice for change and prevention.

His transformation from a convicted felon to an acclaimed speaker, educator and founder of the impactful non-profit Steered Straight Inc. is awe-inspiring. Michael's personal journey through incarceration, rehabilitation and pursuit of higher education exemplifies the possibility of redemption and the power of consequential thinking.

Since his release in 2007, Michael has tirelessly worked to steer youth away from the perils of substance abuse, gang life and criminal activity through reality-based programs. As the #1 booked school presenter in the country, he connects with audiences through authentic storytelling drawn from his troubled past. His "no holds barred" approach powerfully resonates, leaving a lasting impact.

Beyond the podium, Michael has become a multimedia force for prevention and recovery. His media ventures like Stay In Your Lane Media have produced poignant documentaries shining a light on the opioid epidemic, marijuana's risks, and paths to sobriety. Initiatives like The Recovery Army mobilize communities nationwide in the war against addiction.

Michael DeLeon's life work carries profound importance as it has irreversibly changed the trajectory of countless young lives. His passionate perseverance to educate and his living embodiment of rehabilitation make him a true agent of hope. Michael's mission impacts not just individuals, but ripples through families, schools and entire communities - uplifting all with his inspirational message of possibility.




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