Show Notes

Once involved in drugs, illegal activities and incarceration, today Jeff Nash is a role model for change as the CEO of Habilitat Hawai`i. A long term addiction treatment center which provides people a safe haven where they can transform their lives, Habilitat Hawai`i is like no other place on earth. Jeff has 4 years experience with private school high school administration as VP administration for Bending Oaks High School, Dallas Tx.

Jeff has filled many roles within the organization since 1986. Spending years of front line work as the Clinical Director, he was trained by the founders, Vinny & Vickie Marino and entrusted to carry on their legacy. Jeff’s uncompromising dedication to cultivating a positive environment for change ensures the organization will maintain the highest quality of treatment for years to come.

Over four decades ago, Habilitat was founded on the idea that addicts could recover if they were willing to work toward independence and self-reliance. Founded in 1971, Habilitat continues to teach the same principles that are associated with success. Honesty, integrity, self-discipline and resiliency are all concepts that are at the center of their philosophy.