Show Notes

For the past ten years Cynthia Munger has devoted an extraordinary amount of her time to the issues of substance use disease with special focus on Purdue Pharma and the Sackler family and their role in the opioid crisis. With the recent trials and bankruptcy issues, she has been able to compile, maintain and disseminate vital information so that the many victims of opioid abuse are able to get a fair settlement. She knows that is not the case and continues her fight.

In 2019, Cynthia wrote and presented to the Boston Opioid Spoon Conference a paper entitled, “The Web of Conflict.” Cynthia is a listed officer in the Opioid Spoon Project non-profit, one of the five person members of the Purdue Bankruptcy Ad Hoc Committee on Accountability, active member of Friends of Safehouse, Bankruptcy Legislation Editing Committee, POPN, Founding Member of Mentor Program Interim House, and an active supporter of the Sackler Act, among others. 

Cynthia was interviewed for an Italian TV opioid special and a major presenter in the soon to be released “Needles in the Hay.” Listen to her story and find out what she suggests you can do to help bring justice.