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Dr. Dallas Bragg's journey from the depths of a crystal meth addiction to the heights of sobriety coaching is nothing short of a triumph over the ravaging effects of addiction within the gay community. His story is a testament to resilience and redemption, a beacon of hope for those ensnared in the grip of substance abuse.

After grappling with the destructive allure of crystal meth, Dallas made the courageous decision to reclaim his life on August 4, 2018. With unwavering determination, he embarked on a path of sobriety, fueled by a burning desire to break free from the chains of addiction. Through sheer grit and perseverance, Dallas not only found his way back to sobriety but also forged a new path of purpose and passion.

In January 2023, Dallas boldly launched his Sobriety Coaching business, driven by a mission to guide and empower gay men in their own journeys towards recovery. With compassion born from personal experience, he offers a lifeline to those drowning in the depths of addiction, helping them navigate the turbulent waters of recovery and emerge stronger on the other side.

Together with his two children, Dallas has rebuilt his life from the ground up, a testament to the transformative power of healing and renewal. His journey, marked by resilience and redemption, serves as a beacon of hope for countless individuals grappling with addiction's formidable grip.

Dallas's commitment to blending spirituality with recovery has led to the blossoming of an expansive coaching practice, offering solace and support to those in need. His new podcast, aptly titled "The AfterMeth," serves as a platform for sharing stories of triumph and transformation, offering a glimmer of hope to those still battling their demons.

In addition to his work as a sobriety coach, Dallas remains deeply engaged in academia, teaching part-time at post-secondary universities. A father of two adult children, an out gay man, and an adjunct college professor, Dallas embodies resilience, courage, and compassion in his journey towards healing and helping others find their path to recovery.



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