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Amy Ronshausen is a distinguished leader in the field of drug prevention and policy, serving as the Executive Director of both Drug Free America Foundation, Inc. and Save Our Society From Drugs (S.O.S.). With a wealth of experience and expertise, she spearheads national nonprofit organizations dedicated to combating drug legalization, advocating for evidence-based drug policies, and preventing substance abuse and addiction.

Throughout her illustrious career, Mrs. Ronshausen has been a driving force in the fight against illegal drug use. Over her twelve years with Drug Free America Foundation and S.O.S., she has orchestrated successful grassroots advocacy campaigns, thwarting attempts to legalize marijuana and promoting comprehensive prevention strategies. Her leadership has extended to organizing statewide prevention summits, analyzing drug policy legislation at state and federal levels, and providing training to prevention professionals worldwide.

Prior to her tenure at DFAF, Mrs. Ronshausen played a pivotal role as a program specialist with the Pinellas County Adult Drug Court, where she worked closely with judges to facilitate treatment for defendants and monitored their progress through the criminal justice system. Her outstanding contributions were recognized with the prestigious Best Team Practices award in 2007.

Mrs. Ronshausen's dedication to drug prevention traces back to her early career at Operation PAR, where she served as a call specialist before assuming roles as a juvenile counselor and certified GAIN assessor. Her expertise in motivational enhancement and cognitive behavioral therapy has been instrumental in providing effective interventions for adolescents struggling with substance abuse.

In addition to her professional endeavors, Mrs. Ronshausen is deeply committed to community service. She volunteers as the Executive Director for the Florida Coalition Alliance, representing numerous anti-drug coalitions, and chairs the Marijuana Task Force within the Hillsborough County Anti-Drug Alliance. She also serves on the Pinellas County Opioid Task Force and holds a position on the board of Informed Families. Recently, she was elected President of the World Federation Against Drugs, further solidifying her global impact in the fight against substance abuse.

Mrs. Ronshausen earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of South Florida, laying the foundation for her exceptional career dedicated to safeguarding communities from the devastating effects of drug addiction. Today, she continues to be at the forefront of drug prevention efforts, leveraging her expertise to address the evolving challenges in the world of drug addiction.

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