More on Vaping – Fasten Your Seat Belts

A special podcast. With Vaping all over the news, we’re talking about it again today with Michael DeLeon from He has presented educational seminars to over 600 schools and thousands of teens and the subject of vaping is the most requested one. Fasten your seat belts as Michael makes a passionate plea to save the lives of kids. His “Vaping Me Crazy” and prevention video are a must see for anyone seeking the facts. Request info here: 856-691-6676


Dan Zsido – Vaping – Not As Safe as You Think

Dan Zsido has had 15 years of narcotics investigative experience with the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office. He established and supervised the the Strategic Diversion Task Force investigating pharmaceutical crimes, doctor shopping, fraud, trafficking and more.

His current presentations and training target the dangers of “vaping”, especially in the teen population, the e-cigarette delivery systems and the current and potential delivery of THC and other drugs through these new devices.

A podcast listener wrote a song about addiction and we said we’d give it some air time. It’s at the end of this podcast. By Melanie Tolbert – “Addiction Salvation” is at