Brandon Jordan’s Story-A Rock Star’s Road to Recovery

Brandon Jordan was one of the founders of Kill Radio – a punk rock band.  His family had a history of drug abuse, but Brandon didn’t start abusing alcohol and drugs until his early 20s. Once he started to party, he went from 0 to 60 in a split second. Friends didn’t want to party with him because he was so hard core.  After tanking his successful music career, he got sober and now devotes his time to being the L.A. regional director of “Rock to Recovery” and uses music to help rehabilitate others.

Rock Icon Wes Geer of Korn Now Rocks Others to Recovery

Wes Geer is a successful rock star – literally.  He founded the rock band HedPE and toured with the band Korn.  In 2003, Wes was addicted to methamphetamine, alcohol and pot.  He is now in his 11th year of sobriety. In 2012 he founded Rock to Recovery which is a non-profit organization that allows recovering addicts, victims of abuse and troubled teens to express themselves through song.  Rock to Recovery also works with Wounded Warriors helping our most valued citizens – our veterans.