Kurt’s Story – Not for the Faint Hearted

Kurt was an addict for 26 years starting at age 15 in high school, to a ‘functioning addict’ to homeless. Happily married, two kids, nice house. Starting with pot, acid, alcohol and “I’ll never do the needle”, to cocaine, ecstasy but it wasn’t until he was put on various psychiatric medications that his life took…

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Aydin’s Hard Hitting Recovery Story

Aydin turned to drugs because of an inability to talk to his parents about his feelings and emotions.  Sounds like a simple thing to handle but not when the culture of the family is NOT to do this. Aydin completed the Narconon program for the second time.  He was clean for 7 years but the…

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Addiction by Any Other Name

It can be a disservice to call someone an addict.  That labels the person and also puts a stigma on them.  What do you think of when someone is referred to as an addict?  Do you conjure up pictures of a downtrodden, dirty or maybe homeless person down on the street corner shooting up?  Something…

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