Emily Walden – Chair of “The Fed Up! Coalition” and Her Son’s Oxy Overdose Death

Emily Walden’s son, TJ, was prescribed opioids through his childhood during a series of operations. But he became addicted only once he started using Oxycontin and moved on to the similar drug  Opana. He was a 21-year-old member of the Kentucky National Guard when he died of an opioid overdoes four years later. Now Ms….

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Ed Bisch – Grieving Dad Taking on Big Pharma

Ed Bisch’s son, Eddie, died of an overdose of Oxycontin in 2001. Ed didn’t sit by and take it. His initial answer when told of his son’s death was “What the Hell is Oxycontin!”. Ed started researching Oxycontin and it’s manufacturer – Purdue Pharma; AND the family behind it – The Sacklers. Ed has been…

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Marianne Perez – A Mother Who Never Gave Up

In 2002, Marianne Skolek Perez’s daughter Jill died at the age of 29 from respiratory failure and after being prescribed OxyContin for back pain. As a nurse employed at a large medical center, Marianne wanted answers. Her research led her to Purdue Pharma and the FDA’s involvement in a growing epidemic. Marianne continues to work…

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