Dan Schneider – The Pharmacist on a Mission Part 2 -True Crime Thriller

In the last episode of the podcast, we talked to Dan about the death of his son Danny.  Danny didn’t die of an overdose but rather was murdered while trying to buy drugs.  Dan found the murderer and saw him convicted.  Dan promised God that if he’d help him find Danny’s murderer, that he would…

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Dan Schneider – The Pharmacist Part 1

In 1999, Dan Schneider – a Louisiana pharmacist – lost his only son to a drug related murder.  Unlike, perhaps, what most of us would do, Dan was relentless in pursuing his son’s murderer and kept up an investigation for more than a year to bring the perpetrator to justice.  He finally saw the young…

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Erin’s Story – That No Mother Should Endure

Erin’s story is horrific for any mom to deal with.  Not only did she lose her beloved son to a heroin overdose but when she started a foundation to spread his story in the hopes of helping others, she was arrested. Here is the tragic story of a young man with a very bright future…

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