Our Wish for You – a Drug Free Life

We’ve been getting some heat lately from people who love methadone and suboxone.  What can we say?  We want you to live a drug free life, not dependent on any addictive substance – and yes, methadone and suboxone are addictive.  We hope that you will live a drug free life and if you disagree with that – oh well.  Why would we want anything less for you?  We know it’s possible, so that’s what we wish for you.  And if you have gotten sober on a 12 step program – like our recent interviewee, Craig DeRoche – that’s fantastic.

Garth’s Story-Pot at age 12-All Downhill Until Recently

Today’s podcast is an interview with Garth.  Garth is 26 years old and began his addiction history when he was 12 years old and smoked his first joint.  He then moved on to heavier drugs, tried a 12 step program and ultimately attempted to get himself off heroin with methadone and suboxone.  Neither of these worked.  His wife got him to Narconon and he is a new man.  Take hope from his story.

Kratom – The New Wonder Drug?

People are touting the new drug Kratom as the solution to Suboxone addiction, but did you know that Suboxone was touted as the solution to Methadone; Methadone to Heroin and Heroin to Morphine?  Kratom is a drug.  In fact the FDA has just labeled it as an opioid. Substituting one drug for another usually doesn’t work.  Not if you want to live a happy and sober life. Listen, learn and make your own decision.

Synthetics are Not a Solution

In many cases, the current mentality and methodology for treating drug addiction is to substitute a supposedly  “less dangerous” drug like suboxone or methadone for the one addicted to.  It’s a “drug for drug” mentality and we believe there are alternatives in most cases.

Synthetic drugs, also referred to as designer or club drugs, are chemically-created in a lab to mimic another drug such as marijuana, cocaine or morphine.

The resulting designer drugs typically have a new different effect on the brain or behavior. Because these drugs are created in illegal labs, their ingredients and strength are almost impossible to know.

There are more than 200 identified synthetic drug compounds and more than 90 different synthetic drug marijuana compounds.

Many of these synthetic drugs are made in foreign countries and then smuggled into the United States.

Drugs are not the real problem to solve in addiction.  Drugs are the solution to whatever problem the addict can’t quite deal with in life, so to just substitute one drug for another doesn’t get at the underlying problem for which the drugs are the solution.

If you know someone that you think might be abusing drugs – this is the podcast for you.  You need to be educated and learn the tough truths about addiction and treatment.

Welcome to The Addiction Podcast

Welcome to The Addiction Podcast-Point of No Return. In this first episode, meet Jason Good, co-host with Joanie Sigal.

Our goal is to give hope and encouragement to families, friends and addicts no matter what is occurring. We will have discussions between us, observations of the current drug scene and interviews with every segment of the drug scene. We’ll have our own opinions and comments and also many guest interviews with recovered addicts who will tell their stories, which we hope will resonate with others.

We start with Jason’s own story from addiction to full recovery and sobriety, to helping others. As the podcast progresses, we will talk about all kinds of addiction problems, solutions and hopefully provide answers or at least encourage people to take actions. Listen to Jason’s story in our first episode.