Alcohol vs. Marijuana

We have talked about how marijuana is a gateway drug.  This podcast discusses a study in Florida about how alcohol may be a worse gateway drug but in the end – does it really matter?  If someone gets onto heavy drugs from either alcohol or marijuana – the problem of addiction results.

More on Marijuana – Interview with Lynn Posyton and Bonni Snider

Today we spoke more about marijuana.  Lynn Posyton works for a company and her main job description is to educate children and other groups on the truth about drugs.  She uses materials available for free from  The point is that her employer is a businessman helping to fight the drug addiction epidemic.  Bonni Snider works for Bay Care and also talks to people about drugs and the dangers but also tells her personal story.

Drug Trends and Dismantling in Florida – Steve Collins, Dir. of HIDTA

An interview with Steve Collins, Director of Central Florida High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA). Following a tenured career in law enforcement, Steve now leads strategic efforts to identify and dismantle drug trafficking operations in the central Florida area and abroad.
He presented at the Drug Prevention Summit about a report about marijuana and legalizing it has affected Colorado.  There will be an upcoming report on the effects of the legalization of medical marijuana in Florida.

Is the Country Going to Pot?

We’ve got no beef with medical marijuana but legalizing it for recreational use?  Not a good idea.

Scientific studies are now showing much higher levels of psychosis.

The amount of THC in marijuana has been increasing steadily over the past few decades.4 For a new user, this may mean exposure to higher THC levels with a greater chance of a harmful reaction. Higher THC levels may explain the rise in emergency room visits involving marijuana use.

Just look at Colorado and all the problems they are having with it.  Marijuana is addictive.  People are contacting Narconon who are addicted to marijuana.  Wake up!  If nothing else, Marijuana is a gateway to more potent drugs. Anything else is false propaganda.

Welcome to The Addiction Podcast

Welcome to The Addiction Podcast-Point of No Return. In this first episode, meet Jason Good, co-host with Joanie Sigal.

Our goal is to give hope and encouragement to families, friends and addicts no matter what is occurring. We will have discussions between us, observations of the current drug scene and interviews with every segment of the drug scene. We’ll have our own opinions and comments and also many guest interviews with recovered addicts who will tell their stories, which we hope will resonate with others.

We start with Jason’s own story from addiction to full recovery and sobriety, to helping others. As the podcast progresses, we will talk about all kinds of addiction problems, solutions and hopefully provide answers or at least encourage people to take actions. Listen to Jason’s story in our first episode.