Kratom – Part 2- And What about Suboxone?

We struck a nerve with our views of Kratom in our last episode.  We want to let you know that we don’t think Kratom is right or wrong.  The main point is that it isn’t fully researched and until that time, those people taking it are to some degree guinea pigs for the manufacturers of Kratom.  Some people swear by the effectiveness and some people have died from taking it.  The jury is out on Kratom.  However, if someone has to have Kratom to function, that’s addiction and we would like to propose that people live drug free lives – completely drug free, if possible. We share that goal with many listeners.

In this episode we also touch on the nasty withdrawal that accompanies Suboxone.

Kratom – The New Wonder Drug?

People are touting the new drug Kratom as the solution to Suboxone addiction, but did you know that Suboxone was touted as the solution to Methadone; Methadone to Heroin and Heroin to Morphine?  Kratom is a drug.  In fact the FDA has just labeled it as an opioid. Substituting one drug for another usually doesn’t work.  Not if you want to live a happy and sober life. Listen, learn and make your own decision.