Addict and Family Intervention Stories – with Bobby Newman

Professional drug interventionist Bobby Newman tells stories of his experiences in helping families and addicts make the ultimate decision-get treatment. Usually the friends and family don’t know what to do or have tried everything, to no avail. That’s when an intervention is needed and Bobby has seen it all. He’s dealt with it all and can cut through the resistance and at times manipulative tactics of an addicted person, even though down deep they want help. And he’s very successful at it.

Intervention Explained by an expert-Interview with Bobby Newman

One of the hardest things the loved ones of an addict must face is how to get their addicted family member or friend to agree to treatment.  The addict must agree on his/her own choice, but how do you get that to happen?  This is very difficult but can be done. Bobby Newman is a professional interventionist and has a great record of getting addicts into treatment and on their way to a sober and happy life.