Spice is Nice and Pot is Legal

Joanie and Jason talk about the K2 (spice) overdoses in Connecticut – 76 at one park all at virtually the same time. “More than 70 people overdosed in or around a historic Connecticut park near the Yale University campus on Wednesday after receiving what authorities believe was synthetic marijuana laced with the powerful opioid fentanyl….

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Celebrities are People Too

We have spoken many times about the tragedy of the death of some of our most beloved musicians, actors, sports figures and other artists due to drug addiction and ultimately overdose.  This episode is an interview with Fabian Padro and Sam Hobson who run the Narconon facility in Ojai which is focused on providing the…

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Enabling and Helping Are Not the Same Thing

If you’re an addict and you need help, sometimes what you get from your friends and family is more enabling than true help.  And if you’re the friends and family of an addict, you want to help but may not always know how to do that.  You want to care for your loved ones and…

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