Drug Prevention Summit Part 2 – “Tall Cop”

This is part 2 of our Drug Prevention Summit interviews, done on-site.  In this episode we interviewed an independent consultant who is an expert on the effects or drugs and how to spot the indicators of addiction; a medical doctor with a slightly different approach to addiction; and Jermaine Galloway, a cop who has educated more than 75000 people on drugs and addiction. He has won4 national awards and 1 international award since 2009 and is a frequent keynote speaker at conferences and events.

Our thanks to Drug Free America for allowing us to interview their speakers and attendees. http://www.dfaf.org

Another Indictment of Marijuana with Amy Ronshausen from Drug Free America

Recently Canada legalized recreational marijuana countrywide.  This is really such a bad idea.  States in the US have legalized marijuana because they think they will make money, yet the states where it has been legalized are making less than 1% or their total budget from the taxes on the sale of recreational marijuana.  If you then add in the law enforcement and medical costs of people becoming addicted to marijuana, the math doesn’t work.