Free Drug Education for All Ages

There is an organization – Drug Free World – and they provide hard hitting, true information about drugs and why to avoid them.  The booklets, DVDs, and teachers package are all free.  This podcast is an interview with the President of Drug Free World Florida, Julieta Santagostino.  She is passionate about educating children and parents about the danger of many drugs.  The truth is that if we don’t educate everyone about the truth about drugs, the drug epidemic in this country will not end.

Legalization vs. Education – which will work?

There is a thought out there that legalizing or decriminalizing the use of dangerous drugs might be a solution to addiction.  But is this the answer?  Don’t think so.  However, in some cases it might to lead to rehab and that would be a good thing.  Is education a better way to go?  We think so.


Saying No to Drugs – Are you Educating your Kids?

If there’s one conversion you have to have with your children it is about drugs.  It is about the prevalence of drugs in our society and that it’s not enough to avoid the man on the street corner selling cocaine and heroin.  You have to NOT take the highly addictive pain killers and anti-depressants and mood enhancers prescribed by your friendly family doctor.

People are walking out of the dentist’s office with prescriptions for Oxycontin, a highly addictive opioid.  People don’t start with heroin.  They start out with pain killers or pot or alcohol and when the pain killers don’t do the job, they move on to heroin.  It is a growing epidemic in our country and across the planet but you have to educate your kids on the dangers of drugs and why to avoid them.

Do you know what a drug is?  Can you explain it to your child?

If you have even a hint of a doubt, listen to this podcast.