Garth’s Story-Pot at age 12-All Downhill Until Recently

Today’s podcast is an interview with Garth.  Garth is 26 years old and began his addiction history when he was 12 years old and smoked his first joint.  He then moved on to heavier drugs, tried a 12 step program and ultimately attempted to get himself off heroin with methadone and suboxone.  Neither of these…

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Rehab for the Holidays – it’s a Good Choice

Often friends and families of addicts say that they want to wait until after the holidays to get treatment for their addicted friend or family member.  This is not a good idea because the person will be getting high while the family is gathered for the holiday and every day you let the addict continue…

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Give the Gift of Life without Drugs

Often families want to wait until after the New Year to get their loved one into treatment but NOW is the time to get help to your family member or friend or yourself.  What we are encouraging is life without drugs.  What better gift could there be to someone who is addicted or to those…

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Are Insurance Companies Feeding our Addiction?

It’s sad when some insurance companies will pay for more addictive opioids but not for less addictive drugs which might be effective as pain killers or sedatives.  And many don’t pay for rehab (for more than 28 days) that is needed when people get addicted to the opioids. Listen to how a county in Ohio…

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When a family member is addicted to drugs or alcohol, it is devastating on the other members of the family.  There is shame, regret, fear, anger – a myriad of emotions.  Most parents and loved ones feel very alone when they suspect that someone they love is addicted.  They don’t want to tell anyone and…

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Something Can Be Done About It

There are resources for friends and families of addicts.  One resources is a support group –  Often when someone has an addict in their family, they feel alone and need to know that others have been through it.  The drug problem in this country is at epidemic proportions and it’s going to take effective…

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A Drug by Any Other Name – Adderall and Methamphetamines

Because Adderall is prescribed by a doctor, must be OK, right?  Not so.  Adderall is the same chemically as methamphetamine.  So do you want to give your child methamphetamine?  Might want to think about it.

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Mom & Dad’s Story

The loved ones of an addict have a very different perspective of what is happening in the life of the addict and living with an addict is a different experience.  This interview tells Jason’s mom and dad’s story and is riveting in it’s truth.

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The Opioid Epidemic – It’s Not Just for the Homeless

Gone are the days were addicts were primarily homeless in cities, dirty and shooting up in alleys.  Now they are young and old people in very nice neighborhoods, highly educated and affluent white collar executives, middle-class working people and even doctors and nurses. We have become a country of pill poppers and it’s showing in…

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Aydin’s Hard Hitting Recovery Story

Aydin turned to drugs because of an inability to talk to his parents about his feelings and emotions.  Sounds like a simple thing to handle but not when the culture of the family is NOT to do this. Aydin completed the Narconon program for the second time.  He was clean for 7 years but the…

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