Angela’s Journey from Addicted Housewife to a Drug-Free Life

Angela’s journey included Percocet, Oxycodone to handle a sports injury, then alcohol and heavier doses of painkillers. Her downward spiral as a mother of three included a DUI, jail and losing custody of her children. Still in denial, an emotional intervention saved her.  Angela is now living a drug-free life with happy children.

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When Help Fails or Succeeds

The standard 28 day rehab program often fails.  It’s usually just not long enough to get someone stably sober. When you consider that someone did not become addicted in 28 days – it may have taken many months or years of scaling up to full on addiction – it a hard road to rehab in…

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Can Drug Rehab Cure Pain?

A large percentage of people addicted to drugs started on painkillers for some sort of pain.  The drugs can exacerbate the pain and add to it and cause it to get worse physically and mentally as addictions.  Listen to the stories of how the Narconon program helped people overcome not only drug addiction – but…

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