Rob Lohman – Alcohol and Drugs Became My Master- Not Anymore

Rob Lohman’s rap sheet includes alcohol and drug addiction, gambling addiction, divorce, bankruptcies, mental health and suicide ideation, prison, recovery and transformation.   Rob’s drinking career started at age 14 which lead to some very dark places.  The climax of Rob’s drinking career happened with a suicide attempt interrupted by the compassion of his dog Jake. …

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Wes Geer – KORN Rock Star’s Addiction, Recovery and “Rock to Recovery” To Help Others

Wes Geer is a rock star – literally and figuratively. He is an American guitar player, songwriter and producer, best known as Wesstyle, a founding member of the band Hed PE, formed in 1994 in Huntington Beach, CA. Geer was a guitarist, songwriter and producer in the band until his departure in 2003. Geer was…

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Kurt’s Story – Not for the Faint Hearted

Kurt was an addict for 26 years starting at age 15 in high school, to a ‘functioning addict’ to homeless. Happily married, two kids, nice house. Starting with pot, acid, alcohol and “I’ll never do the needle”, to cocaine, ecstasy but it wasn’t until he was put on various psychiatric medications that his life took…

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Rehab for the Holidays – it’s a Good Choice

Often friends and families of addicts say that they want to wait until after the holidays to get treatment for their addicted friend or family member.  This is not a good idea because the person will be getting high while the family is gathered for the holiday and every day you let the addict continue…

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Give the Gift of Life without Drugs

Often families want to wait until after the New Year to get their loved one into treatment but NOW is the time to get help to your family member or friend or yourself.  What we are encouraging is life without drugs.  What better gift could there be to someone who is addicted or to those…

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When a family member is addicted to drugs or alcohol, it is devastating on the other members of the family.  There is shame, regret, fear, anger – a myriad of emotions.  Most parents and loved ones feel very alone when they suspect that someone they love is addicted.  They don’t want to tell anyone and…

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Something Can Be Done About It

There are resources for friends and families of addicts.  One resources is a support group –  Often when someone has an addict in their family, they feel alone and need to know that others have been through it.  The drug problem in this country is at epidemic proportions and it’s going to take effective…

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A Drug by Any Other Name – Adderall and Methamphetamines

Because Adderall is prescribed by a doctor, must be OK, right?  Not so.  Adderall is the same chemically as methamphetamine.  So do you want to give your child methamphetamine?  Might want to think about it.

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Is the Country Going to Pot?

We’ve got no beef with medical marijuana but legalizing it for recreational use?  Not a good idea. Scientific studies are now showing much higher levels of psychosis. The amount of THC in marijuana has been increasing steadily over the past few decades.4 For a new user, this may mean exposure to higher THC levels with a…

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Aydin’s Hard Hitting Recovery Story

Aydin turned to drugs because of an inability to talk to his parents about his feelings and emotions.  Sounds like a simple thing to handle but not when the culture of the family is NOT to do this. Aydin completed the Narconon program for the second time.  He was clean for 7 years but the…

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