Recovery Stories

A Mom’s Story

This mom’s son started with alcohol in high school and moved onto other drugs such that this mom found her son unconscious.  Thankfully her son is now fully recovered.  Her story is for those who have loved ones that they suspect are addicted.

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Csira’s Story-Addicted at 20 and her Road to Recovery

Csira is a beautiful young woman who became an addict at age 20. She’s not only clean now, she has decided to help others. Her story may sound similar to someone you know. This beautiful young woman’s story is heartbreaking but in the end is inspiring.

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Derek’s Recovery Story-A Mother’s Persistence

Derek started on drugs at age 12 when he was introduced to marijuana.  He was an athlete – a wrestler – and a good student.  He progressed throughout his high school year to heroin via Percocet and Oxycontin.  He went to college on wrestling scholarship but lost it due to repeated injuries.  Began using cocaine…

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