Athletes affected by and/or helping others in the area of drug addiction, pain killers, rehab and more.

Former NFL Player Grant Feasel’s Tragic Story as told by his wife Cyndy

  Grant Feasel was a starting center and long snapper for the Seattle Seahawks from 1987 to 1992. During that time he suffered multiple traumas and used alcohol and drugs to dull the pain. This eventually led to his death. This interview with his wife Cyndy tells the battle they went through for years to deal…

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Paul Fletcher – Former Major League Pitcher and Now Recovered Alcoholic

When Paul Fletcher was a major league baseball player for the the Phillies and Oakland Athletics, many of his teammates drank. Alcohol was readily available. But Paul got to the point where he couldn’t stop. His wife and kids left him and he tried taking his own life by downing a bottle of prescription meds….

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Kim’s Mathis’ Story – From “Dope Baby” to NFL Wife, Entrepreneur and Author

There have been several news articles printed about how addicted mothers give birth to addicted babies.  This podcast interview is from the viewpoint of the addicted baby.  Kim Mathis was born addicted and lacked all of the things we count on our mothers for because her mom was an addict.  However, it made her even…

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Erin’s Story – That No Mother Should Endure

Erin’s story is horrific for any mom to deal with.  Not only did she lose her beloved son to a heroin overdose but when she started a foundation to spread his story in the hopes of helping others, she was arrested. Here is the tragic story of a young man with a very bright future…

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Randy’s Story – NFL Player from Addicted to Helping Others

When we think of athletes and drugs, it’s must include performance enhancing drugs like steroids.  However, when you are a professional athlete and your job depends on your performance, it’s easy to depend on pain killers to get through the next game or the next tournament.  That’s what happened to former Tampa Bay Bucs offensive…

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