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Author Nate Wilson’s Recovery-“Zero to Hero”

Nate’s story is typical but then not so typical.  Addicted to drugs at an early age, he attempted suicide several times after the death of friends close to him.  In and out of jail but now clean and sober, Nate Wilson has written a book – Zero to Hero: The Tale of My Recovery from Drug Addiction and Psychosis.  Nate has turned his life around and is now mentoring young people.

Actor Lillo Brancato’s Real “Bronx Tale”

July 5th, 1992 and Lillo Brancato is a young man on Jones Beach.  He is seen by a casting agent and ends up being cast in “A Bronx Tale” as Robert DeNiro’s son.  After being introduced to marijuana on set by a fellow cast member, he began experimenting with more and more drugs to become a heroin addict.  Now, after spending 8 years in prison for robbery which resulted in the wrongful death of a police officer, he is sober and is warning youth and others about the dangers of addiction.  From the height of success to the depth of disaster, this story is riveting.

Overdosed – The Film

This episode is an interview with two of the producers of a new feature-length documentary by Award-winning Editor Mary Sue Connolly.  The film is an 80-minute documentary set in the small town of Petersburg, West Virginia, a rural community tragically impacted by the opioid epidemic in our country.  Why West Virginia?  Because West Virginia was specifically targeted by pharmaceutical companies as a dumping ground of pain pills.  Hard to believe? Not so much.

After Rehab – an Interview with Author Kathy Dion

Kathy Dion has worked inside the addiction arena for more than 20 years.  She’s worked with addicts and rehab facilities.  She is a certified specialist in addiction.  In her book – After Rehab – A Simple Guide to Aid in Lasting Sobriety – she gives 10 simple tips on how to help maintain sobriety and live a happy life.

Author Dave Chase – Our Healthcare System Crisis and Opioids

Dave Chase is – among other things – the author of a new book – The Opioid Crisis Wake-up Call.  This book is available as a free download at  In it, he talks about how the healthcare system is contributing to the opioid crisis in this country and how some large companies are combatting this.  It’s a different perspective on the whole addiction epidemic in this country.

Father and Son- Addict and Dealer-An Interview with filmaker and celebrity actor Jim Meskimen

Jim Meskimen is an incredibly talented – Hollywood film maker, actor, artist, impressionist and comedian.  Jim recently wrote and starred in a short film called “Son to Son” which address the subject of addiction from a very different perspective, a father and son, one an addict and one a dealer. Currently “Son to Son” is making the rounds of film festivals. Hear this intriguing story in our interview with Jim.

A Legislator in Michigan-Then Alcohol- Now Helping Others-Interview with Craig DeRoche

Craig DeRoche was the youngest Speaker of the House in the state of Michigan.  When his alcohol addiction became public and out of control, his life totally fell apart. Now fully recovered, he has his life and family back and is making huge strides in helping people with addiction and in the criminal justice system.  This is Craig’s story.