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A white paper was published in May wherein over 100 people who had done the New Life Detoxification Program (one of the components of the Narconon program) were examined and surveyed and the results are quite telling.  The experts have said it, not just Jason and Joanie.  If you have questions, it’s worth a read.

Dr. Rohit Adi – An ER Doctor’s Perspective on Treating Addiction

Dr. Rohit Adi has been an emergency room doctor for 26 years and has come face to face for 15 years with treating addiction. A highly certified “Addictionologist”, Dr. Adi weighs in on what he sees every day in the ER with methadone, marijuana and synthetic drugs as well as the growing homeless issues that are drug related. Dr. Adi has strong opinions about the “drug for a drug” mentality.  He’s a man with a passion to take responsibility for the area of addiction and since he has relatives both in the U.S. and India who have suffered from drug and/or alcohol abuse, it is personal for him.

No One is Immune to Addiction – Including doctors -an Interview with Dr. Faye Jamali

Dr. Faye Jamali was a very successful anesthesiologist until she broke her wrist and was prescribed a large bottle of Vicodin to handle the pain. Unfortunately she soon learned that the drug would numb her to anything going on in her life and cause severe addiction problems, stealing and injecting the hospital’s drugs, medical license put on probation and more. She has been clean and sober for 8 years and has made it her mission to reach out to other doctors who might be addicted and urge them to get treatment.

Professor Nick Heather-An Expert Weighs in on “Addiction as a Disease”

After much research, some experts now disagree that addiction should be labeled as an actual “disease”, but rather is a false assertion prompted and pushed by pharmaceutical companies to sell more product. Mostly resulting in substitution one drug for another in rehab. This episode is an interview with Nick Heather, Emeritus Professor of Alcohol and other Drug Studies in the Dept of Psychology at Northumbria University in the U.K. He is a Ph.D and has close to 450 publications mainly devoted to alcoholism.